Wedding Belles!

31 Oct

A few weeks ago, I went to Pittsburgh for the wedding of a friend that I have known since we were literally babies in diapers. I can’t say enough good things. Getting to see old friends and family is always fun and since it was for such an exciting occasion, it made it all the more amazing.

Chris and I were flying standby with Buddy Passes from his good friend, and arrived at the airport to find out that all flights were booked for the rest of the day. Luckily, we were able to make friends with a wonderful lady named Patty at the airport who was also flying standby to Pittsburgh for the Teal Ribbon Comedy at the Magee-Women’s Research Institute & Foundation. Patty’s daughter was diagnosed with ovarian cancer several years ago and they were celebrating the fact that it was in remission by attending this fundraiser (and getting to watch her grandsons’ football games over the course of the weekend too). She informed us of another flight leaving for Cleveland and invited us to drive the 2 hours to Pittsburgh with her. What could have been a really frustrating and overall bad day became a fun day of adventure as we made our detour to get to Pittsburgh and see family and friends.

We spent the majority of the weekend walking around the Strip District, which is where we were staying. It was enough to make us all fall in love! Chris and I have made plans to go back soon! While there, we went in a few stores of note. Pennsylvania Macaroni Co. was pretty awesome! My mom and I snagged huge bottles of good Italian olive oil, my sister got a large can of tomatoes that she swears make the best pasta sauce in the world, and my dad got a 4 ft long pepperoni! He plans to make pepperoni rolls with it.


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