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Pumpkin Cupcakes

27 Sep

So I’ve mentioned Pinterest a lot lately – I kind of love it.  It’s such a guilty pleasure.  Pinning places that I want to visit, things I could never afford for my imaginary home, and clothes that cost more than my rent each month is highly enjoyable.  I also love the fact that the site has lots of DIY ideas for things around the house and innovative recipes!  I came across one a month ago for pumpkin cupcakes.  It’s extremely simple, just two ingredients.  A box of yellow cake mix and an 8 oz. can of pumpkin pie mix, combined in a large mixing bowl and beaten for a few minutes until fluffy.  Go-GO KitchenAid Mixer, whipped these up in no time!  I used storebought vanilla frosting for them, but they would also be great with cream cheese frosting.  Also used Halloween cupcake wrappers to make them more festive!  YUM!