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Something Old, Something New…

17 Nov

A couple of weeks ago, I was blessed to be married to my best friend! We were married in the Historic District in downtown Charleston, SC. Since Chris and I tend to gravitate towards all things vintage, we were married in the beautiful Episcopal church that my parents attend. It has been around since the 1700’s, built before the US was a country. In fact, George Washington even worshipped in one of the pews! The reception was at another Colonial Era building two doors down. It was built as a Society Hall but now also serves as a reception hall for weddings and other events.  If those walls could talk, I’m sure there would be all kinds of stories!


Before the wedding, my mom gave me my Something Old. It was a handkerchief that a friend of hers had sewn into a baby bonnet, and that I had worn home from the hospital after being born. It came with a poem that instructed the bride to snip the threads in order to have a handkerchief to carry on her wedding day. As my mom read the poem to me and held the bonnet I wore home from the hospital over 30 years ago, tears rolled down her face.


It was a moment I will never forget. It was such a neat idea, and so special, I have decided to try to revive this beautiful trend. I have started going through my collection of vintage handkerchiefs to find hankies pretty enough to be made into bonnets, to give as gifts!  I think I have some winners… will post updates on this.


Rin Tin Tile

29 Sep

There is something about a well-decorated ceiling that has always captivated me. On my 5th Grade trip to Washington D.C., I remember snapping an entire roll of film when we were touring The Capitol Building. The famous fresco-painted ceiling was the most beautiful thing my 10-year-old eyes had ever seen and I didn’t want to forget a centimeter of it. I had a similar experience a few years ago in Spain. My dear friend, Lisa, and I were walking through La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and I was truly awed by the way the light played on the arched walls, through the beautiful stained glass. My digital camera’s memory was quickly filled with pictures of the ceiling, because, again, I couldn’t bear the thought of forgetting one inch.

A week or so ago, Chris and I were having dinner at a local pub, Mortimer’s, which has great sandwiches, beer, and wine. I couldn’t stop looking up at the ceiling, despite the wonderful company, delicious wine and scrumptious ham and cheese panini. It was just too pretty!

An artfully decorated ceiling just gives a room a different air. Michelangelo knew it when he painted the Sistine Chapel. Ceiling frescos have been around for centuries, and tile has also seemed to make its own place in historical homes and buildings. To me, it just seems more like art than décor. A well-tiled ceiling brings back a certain nostalgia of a different time, and can even give a room an Old World kind of feel.

Since then, I have done a little daydreaming about someday tiling a ceiling in my home. I came across Wishihadthat.com , which has most definitely lived up to its name. The tiles they advertise are beautiful and some have a etheral quality that would certainly step any room up to the next level. Unfortunately, they are way out of my budget, but a girl can dream, right?

Here are 3 of my favorites, and pictures of the ceilings mentioned in this post. The Capitol and Mortimer’s pictures were borrowed from http://www.luxuryexperiences.com and yelp.com, respectively. The picture of La Sagrada Familia is mine.

Silver Trivet

15 Sep


I found this at a yard sale a while ago and thought it was so pretty that I just couldn’t bring myself to leave without it! I originally thought the PS Co stood for Poole Silver Company, but further research has shown that it was actually crafted by the Prill Silver Company in New York. It looks like it could be vintage but I am not sure about that… anyone have any guesses?

Tell me about your vintage treasures and how you found them!

Until next time,


Favourite Vintage Finds

14 Sep

Love this blog!


New Home

1 Sep

Okay, so I moved!  This is the new blog site.  Word Press just seemed much more user friendly and I liked their look a little better.  More polished.  So… here goes nuthin’.  I will still be writing posts about nifty vintage finds and scrumptious recipes!

To read posts on my old site, click here.

Playing the “What is This?” Game

15 Jul

I’ve been told that this is SAJ25 Pattern but can’t figure out exactly what the construction of the piece itself is meant for. Can’t find anything like it online, either.

List of guesses:
– a vase
– a gravy boat
– a sugar bowl (sans lid)
– toothbrush holder
So now I’m posing the question out into the void of the World Wide Web in hopes that someone will know.


UPDATED 7/18/2011 with much better pictures.

*UPDATE* Mystery solved! Found out that this is a vintage standing pocket vase!