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Lustworthy Wallpaper

8 Sep


Follow any interior decoraters’ blog these days and at some point one is bound to see a bold, retro design wallpaper. I reposted a link to The Decorista’s blog a while back that featured toile.

Although there are plenty of other projects that need to be finished first around the house, I sometimes look up wallpaper for the office. A single wall papered with a great, eye-catching bold print and a nice complimentary color of paint is what I have envisioned. The picture I’ve posted is from Select Wallpaper. This wallpaper is the Helsinki pattern by British designers Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. I am now a huge fan of theirs after looking them up. I love the chartreuse and charcoal colors, and how well they compliment the brown leather. Especially since this is the color of most of the furniture that will go in that room! The geometric patterns on this grab your eye but still have a clean look that isn’t too busy. Would be great for a wall behind a desk, since that is the real power seat anyway, and adds a little bit of character to an otherwise plain room.